Madinaty Sports Club

Client نادى مدينتى الرياضى

Project Detail

Madinaty Sports Club
Project scope covered the delivery, installation, commissioning of IP Surveillance System for the club and its buildings.

•About Madinaty Sports Club
Madinaty club, located in Madinaty City, one of the projects of the Arab Company for Projects and Urban Development- Talaat Mostafa Group (TMG). The club is located at the center of Madinaty City having an area of around 200 acres.

The club aims at spreading the physical, social and cultural education within its members. It also aims at ensuring a sense of belonging within the members and creating the suitable atmosphere to fill their leisure time. This is reached through providing the sportive and physical means and extending them through the preparation of the fields and maintaining them, hiring coaches and paving the way for the different sport teams.