Client الهيئة العربية للتصنيع

Project Detail

Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) had a private microwave network consisting of a dozen of T1 microwave links to provide voice and data services between AOI’s headquarters in Abbasseya and its affiliate units all over Egypt.

As part of its WAN and LAN network renovation plan, AOI decided to replace the existing channel banks and their supplements by latest technology digital based multiplexers in order to provide convergent voice and data services to headquarters and affiliates.

MisrTech has been awarded both parts of this large project; the WAN and the LAN. The two project’s parts included the design, installation, commissioning, technical training, and maintenance services of the LAN/WAN equipment in Abbaseya Headquarters and AOI factories in Egypt.

  • About AOI

AOI operations include both military and civil activities, fulfilling the requirements of the Armed Forces of Egypt, Arab States and friendly countries. It also supports societal development plans, with emphasis on infrastructure, ecological protection and railway projects.