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In a time when technology is what everything in our lives revolves around, whether it’s making a cup of coffee or sending a shuttle to outer space MisrTech SAE was founded.

Businesses worry about competition all the time, sometimes forgetting that being competitive is all about information. This is where we come in. We provide you with the technology you need, in the most suitable form for you to facilitate handling your information properly, all the while being careful it would not cost you more than it should.

Technology the way you need IT…

• Communications & Networks
o Design, optimization and implementation of Access & Enterprise Networks
• Networks Security & Management
o Providing complete end to end security solutions starting from secured network access up to endpoint protection and encryption.
• Surveillance & Physical Security
o One-Stop-Provider of complete surveillance solutions from civil work, cabling up to video management and analytics

Technology the way you need IT…

Contributing in application of the global trend to making the planet an even smaller village than what it already is by connecting businesses and individuals to each and one another locally and regionally through enhancing usability of IT.

Technology the way you need IT…


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